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I like to push innovation, creativity and original ideas into every project!

I am a solution oriented problem solver in the technical world, experienced as project team lead and vendor manager. I find and apply new technologies to solve current problems. My strongest skills are web design & implementation, all forms of digital graphics, instructional design, industrial training, and HMI design. I am comfortable in factory environments and building custom eLearning applications for factory workers.

Work Skills

One of the best parts of my career has been the amount of new things I get to learn. Some highlights are web design, computer based training, brand management, project management, style guides, wire frames, multimedia production, audio & video editing, PhotoShop (big time!), corporate photography, Share Point, Team Site and Word Press,


I move between many tools that differ with each project. My key go to applications are PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, Balsamiq, Axure, Corel Video Studio, Acrobat, Word and PowerPoint. I have used and am comfortable with Flash, InDesign and Sublime.


A problem solver by nature, I am looking to use my extensive technical background to guide the direction of strategic, innovative, technical projects. I thrive in positions where new technologies are the focus. A skill of mine that I have leveraged throughout my career is the ability to interact on a peer level with the most technical of people then transfer that information to non-technical people & management. I can efficiently work with one foot in the technical world and the other foot in the management world while providing open communications support.

my skills

What I’m best at


My career

Recent Experience

July 2016 -
February 2017
Optimization & Testing
Optimization Manager

Responsible for the development and planning of merchandising strategy and optimization projects for the B2B2C and B2C merchandising efforts.  Collecting and analyzing data from a variety of sources to develop a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and how that behavior can be used to optimize Key Performance Indicators. Manage the user experience (UX) optimization process...

October 2001 -
July 2016
Altria / PM USA
Talent Acquisition
Senior Technology Analyst

Senior Technology Analyst - UX/UI, Front End Managed and expanded the corporate recruiting website, internal HR websites & managed the brand Designed & created corporate style guides for all HR projects (websites, printed material, video) Served as technical support for the Talent Acquisition department Re-launched the recruiting website with a fresh new look & feel ...

Other Experience

July 1998 -
October 2001
Cisco Systems
Technology Development
Multimedia, CBT and Web Programmer

Multimedia, CBT and Web Programmer / Designer Designed and coded multimedia computer based training (CBT) programs for in-house technical training Served as in-house "Interface Design" person, created the look & feel for new web pages and software product interfaces Designed and created many internal training web sites Created and maintained "Knowledge Transfer Websites" pertaining to...

july 1991 -
july 1998
Information Technology
Multimedia Programmer and Project Manager

Multimedia Programmer and Project Manager Lead programmer and technical team lead for the BRENCO Multimedia Department Programmed several marketing projects for the international sales staff Released several multimedia CD-ROMs for the transportation industry Installed and oversaw the day to day operations of a 200+ computer network Performed or oversaw all repairs, upgrades and installs of...


What I do

I'm a left-brain thinker with an ability to come up with unique or original solutions for solving problems. In my day job I apply this to  Information Systems and technology. In my home life I use this skill to rebuild & repair old factory equipment, hydraulics, electrical and electronic gear. I am also restoring a historic home built prior to 1888 (now there are some problems).  
Finding the solution to a problem is the whole point. The first step is to solve the problem. Next you must implement the solution. I use the total sum of all my experiences as the wellspring for answers. That's something the younger workers cannot compete with, "experience".
For my entire career, whenever a team was assembled to solve an existing problem, I was chosen to be part of that team specifically because of my ability to think outside the box. Some say I have never been "in the box".
As I have mentioned elsewhere in the site, I have a knack for being able to explain complex things to non-technical people in a way they can be understood. I think this is why I found teaching at John Tyler Community College so enjoyable. I also volunteered to teach several classes at Cisco Systems and at Philip Morris.


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Are you looking for someone to bring new, fresh ideas to the table? Do you need to add someone to the team that sees the world through an innovation & technology lens? If so I would love to hear from you.

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Chester, Virginia 23831

+1 804 751 0785

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